Monday, February 20, 2006

Human Chameleon

This evening i went to my creating change workshop. We learned alot about "Survior Roles"

Children of dysfunctoinal families learn their survivel roles early in life and become adhered to these roles. Not being able to tell the difference between the role adaptation and self. The adult child becomes buried in an ideal image of themselves. The role becomes buried in an ideal image of themselves. The role becomes his or her presentation to the world. Therefore, all emotions and needs are buried behind a mask which is acceptable and needed of the child in the family. Self image becomes based on the needs and reactions of others.

There are 6 surviver roles;
-The victem(s)
-The cheif enabler
-The caretaker/ overachiever/ hero
-The pleaser/ clown/ mascot
-The rebellious child/scapegoat/actingout child
-The lost child/withdrawn/adjuster

In the 18 years that i lived with my family I have experienced and lived every role on this list. This past year I have lived on my own and have started to learn who i am without any expectations from anyone. Although there are negative impacts that go along with the roles, with intervention they can become positive. I am starting to see the positive. I want to thank my family for '' letting go''. I love my family.


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