Monday, February 20, 2006

Realization, Rationlization

Well, I have been clean for 16 days now. WOHOO!!!
One problem.... I have dropped the drugs only to fill that void with food. The amount that i can eat in a span of a couple of hours is discusting. By not dealing with my first addiction I have unconsciencely picked up another.
Possible solution....go to NA, join a gym, search for possible explinations.
Realization.... This is not going to change over night, no one said it would be easy
Rationlization...I am an addict everyday. Today I have the choice to be a recovering addict.

On the lighter side, yesterday i had the pleasure of seeing my sister and (soon to be) brother in-law off at the airport. When they come back they will be married. Seeing them so happy and excited is somthing i will never forget. I love them both and cant wait till they get back;)



Anonymous Noella said...

Thank you. I love you so much, and am so proud of you !

7:36 a.m.  

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