Thursday, March 16, 2006

Next Step

Well, this is my last day at Tewegan. I am going to miss all the residents and staff. This place was a safe haven, there was always someone to talk, share, and laugh with. I have changed so much in the short time i have been here. I am more sure of myself , i have learned to love myself . I am going to miss this place so much, but at the same time I am excited about the next stop on my journey.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Great weekend @ Grace Baptist Church!!!

The Lord has truly blessed me. This weekend i found a church. I havent been in church in a very long time. When i was walking over, I was nervous, not knowing what was in store for me. Once I walked in, I knew I was in the right place. I was greeted as if I were a long lost friend. I was made welcome. As the service started, I felt this amazing sence of peace and belonging, something I havent felt since I moved to Ottawa. I want to thank all the members, elders, and decons at the Grace Baptist Church for welcoming me with open arms. I will see you all next Sunday. (if not before)

Thursday, March 09, 2006


WOW. this month has flown by...i was thinking about where i was 6 weeks ago, and where i am today, i am blown away. my whole outlook and attitude has changed. I have learned so much about myself and life. I think about the poeple in my life and feel truly blessed to call them friends. the inspiration and hope i get from each and every one of them makes me love them so much more.
I am proof, that one simple prayer, and a little faith goes a long way.
My faith has been renewed and strenghtened. Growing more and more everyday.
I am so thankful for the poeple who have helped me get here. God has truly blessed me.

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Your goodness sends.
Father in heaven,
We thank You.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


32 DAYS CLEAN!!!!!
Alot has happened in the last few weeks.
I started going to meetings, and have found myself a home group.
I move into my own apartment on Monday
(this will be the first time on my own)
Dear God,
thank you for my life on this earth,
however challenging or not.
Thank you for giving me free will to love and be loved,
to make my own decisions,
to learn from my mistakes,
to laugh when I am happy,
to cry when I am sad.
Thank you for my family,
my friends,
my pets,
my colleagues,
and for every other living creature I meet along my journey.
Thank you for giving me strength to overcome adversity,
to do what's right for the benefit of the greater good,
to rise above negativity.
Thank you for giving me hope for an end to world suffering,
and war,
for a beginning of a world filled with light and everlasting love.