Friday, June 16, 2006

The world will never be the same

i`m a friend of jaded I`am writing an insert for her....

"my friend cactus died stabed in a place he tried to sleep completly oblivious to the world falling apart. Not noticing the brokeness so many people diying so many not crying is death such a part of our reallity we don`t even notice? Our world is so beautifly ugly where did it all go wrong."

My song to YOU.
Hold me now
Stop the morning light from breaking
Somethings comming over me
Don`t know what i`m saving
The clock ticks by and it just might change everything
If i don`t give you all thats waiting who knows what tommorow will bring?

If i try not to need you
I`d be hiding from my self, but oh

If tommoror never comes i would do it all again
If the light never breaks through
Iwould stay untill the end
If i saved it all for you
I would have my faith again
Then i would know it`s you

Won`t shed a tear
For more than just a moment
Try not to let my self go crazy
Tommorow may never come so i won`t hold you here
Unless you want to fight about it
I would gladly let you win
Cause i don`t need to wright this ending
If i just trust the stillness somehow it won`t hurt so bad,oh

(chours x2)

Then i would know its you

I love you buddy

this boy had the biggest smile the biggest heart remember him for who he was not how he died
see you on the other side

a big thank you to ballman for posting this for me.


Blogger jadedbylife said...

thank you steve, hi john , i'll be home soon you both.

12:53 p.m.  

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